🎀I'm Michelle I live in Ireland,I love going shopping,travelling,going to concerts,listening to music,I love Chanel,Glee,Chord Overstreet,My Mad Fat Diary and Nico Mirallegro🎀

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Reblog if no matter if you have 50,000 or 50 followers, you appreciate every single one. Reblog if you appreciate the messages you get, whether it’s 100 or 1. Reblog if a little smile comes across your face everytime you see a new follower or message. Reblog if even though most of us aren’t tumblr famous, we appreciate the little things.

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"I think that music can be so personal and intimate that when you find someone who has similar music tastes to you, you instantly feel like you understand them somewhat. It was this commonality between Rae and Finn that begins their connection in this show."- T. Bidwell

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